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✨ Transform your space with the enchanting energy of our 6-inch Witches Bells – a fusion of sage green and cream ribbon, silver and brass tone bells, star charms, and oak leaf ribbon. 🍃🌟


Key Features:

  • Crafted with love and intention, each wreath is unique – just like you!
  • Designed to protect your home and sweep away negativity.
  • Comes with silver and brass tone bells, star charms, and oak leaf ribbon for a touch of nature-inspired charm.
  • Hang it on your door to shift energy and welcome positivity into your space.


🌿 Magick in Every Ring: Bells have been a witchy staple through the ages, and here's why they're a must-have in your magickal toolkit:


  • Energy Shift: The ringing of bells isn't just a sound; it's a magical vibration that transforms stagnant energy, inviting positive influences into your home.

  • Seal the Spell: Use bells to seal in the magic after rituals and spells. It's your personal touch to affirm the power of your enchantments.

  • Focus in Meditation: Incorporate the soothing chime in your meditation routine for a heightened sense of focus and clarity.

  • Invoke the Goddess: Ring the bells to connect with the divine feminine energy during your sacred rituals.

  • Yule Celebration: Join the age-old tradition of ringing bells at Yule, symbolizing the return of the sun and the triumph of light over darkness.


🌬️ Banish Negativity: Legend has it that the sweet sound of bells drives away evil spirits, ensuring your space is filled only with positive vibes.


Order your Witches Bells now, and let the enchantment unfold in your sacred space. 🌙


✨ Embrace the ancient art and protect your haven with the ethereal melody of these witch bells! 🔮🏡

Witches Bells

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