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About Susan

My latest projects

After being a stay-at-home for almost 20 years and raising two amazing kids, both of whom are now doctors, I reinvented myself after divorce.  I went into real estate, establishing myself as a successful realtor.  

I have always been drawn towards the metaphysical and spiritual.  After my divorce

I began to study and explore more within the field and started incorporating what I learned into my real estate business.  I found that I had a gift for connecting with a property's energy.  


I was just getting ready to launch the RE Wytch when the pandemic hit and I dialed my work schedule back to care for my elderly mother who had a bizarre accident and could no longer live alone.  Instead of focusing on real estate, I became a published author and found a passion for cooking.  Unfortunately, neither book sales nor being a home cook were going to pay the bills and I was quickly blowing through my savings. 


It was finally time for the RE Wytch...


Is it Magick or Energy Work?

Magick and energy work are both modalities that focus on optimizing the energy within a property and the lines between them can become blurred, depending on the practitioner's beliefs and practices.

Energy work focuses on the subtle energies and vibrations present in properties and how they impact the overall environment and atmosphere. The goal is to create a harmonious and positive energy flow that makes a property more appealing to potential buyers. Energy work is grounded in the belief that the energy of a space can influence people's emotions, decisions, and experiences.

Magick involves the use of rituals, symbols, and intention-setting to create specific outcomes or changes. Practitioners of magick may perform rituals to attract specific buyers, protect property from negative influences, or even try to influence the market's dynamics. Magick involves a deep connection with the spiritual and metaphysical realms and often employs tools such as candles, herbs, and sigils.

The distinction between magick and energy work in the context of real estate can be fluid and subjective. It often depends on the practitioner's perspective and intentions. What's most important is that these practices are conducted ethically and with respect for the preferences and beliefs of all parties involved in real estate transactions.

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