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About Susan

My latest projects

After being a stay at home for almost 20 years and raising two amazing kids, both of whom are now doctors, I reinvented myself after divorce.  I went into real estate establishing myself as a successful realtor.  


When the pandemic hit, I dialed my work schedule back to care for my elderly mother who had a bizarre accident and could no longer live alone.  I also became a published author and found a passion for cooking.  Unfortunately, neither book sales nor being a home cook were going to pay the bills and I was quickly blowing through my savings. 


I knew it was possible to earn a significant income "social selling" and was determined to find my place. I researched e-commerce, affiliate marketing, Esty, and Print on Demand, just to mention a few.  I was sure one of those would work.  I examined a variety of different programs, watched countless YouTube videos and finally settled on a "mentor" (well in truth I ended up with several).  I spent thousands buying the dream only to  realize the only dream I was funding was that of the guru who's pocket I'd just lined.  

Just as I was ready to throw in the towel, I found a program that was easy to implement, didn't require a huge investment, and took less than an hour a day.  Within a couple hours of beginning my FREE trial, I was making money.  It wasn't massive amounts of money but it was money in MY pocket not anyone else's.  

That program became the jump off point for other things and I've been able to create multiple streams of income. 



The Key to Create Prosperity Online is to find businesses you can leverage

Here's how I do it:
Email Marketing - List of people to market and promote to
Digital Marketing - Do it once and reap the rewards
Affiliate Marketing - Promote products you love

E-Commerce - Design products & sell using 3rd party providers for fulfillment

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