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E-COMMERCE - Print on Demand & Drop Shipping

Let your creativity flourish.  Design t-shirts, coffee mugs, computer sleeves, wall prints, and so much more to sell in your online store.  Whether you choose to post on Esty, Shopify, Ebay, or Amazon, you can share your designs with the world without having to carry inventory or do the shipping yourself!  

Shop my unique shop where energy and creativity fuse!  Offering a range of products including purses, suitcases, illusion pillowcases, coffee mugs, and t-shirts, the eclectic nature of the shop reflects me perfectly!  

Are you a saucy lady (or know one) who owns her sensuality? Are you reclaiming your happy place after a separation, break-up, or divorce? Or maybe you’re simply a woman who knows her worth and isn’t afraid to speak out. Marcey James Designs is the shop for you! Marcey James is an acclaimed erotic romance writer who has brought her particular style of sex appeal to E-Commerce. Marcey recognizes most people don’t know how to talk about love, boundaries, sex, pleasure, or passion. They are uncomfortable discussing their desires or curiosities, especially as it relates to sex and pleasure. Most are burnt out, overwhelmed, and disconnected not only from their partners, but from themselves and the concept of personal pleasure is an ideal for another time. As a highly sensual, energetic woman, Marcey strives to empower women to shed the shame around their bodies and sex. She wants women, and men, to learn to express their erotic language in order to live their most pleasure-filled lives. Sometimes they need a little help… Marcey loves to create a certain level of mystic believing the magick of an intimate connection begins long before a physical encounter happens. Seduction begins with the little things… **a glance between strangers across a crowded room **a shy tentative smile when eyes meet **the innocent brush of fingertips **the lingering scent of cologne after you’ve left the room **a provocative text message **a hot cup of coffee in a simple white mug! That’s right…even your morning coffee can (and should) be the gateway to pleasure and fun. In Marcey James Designs you will find an array of mug designs for women and men with quirky, suggestive, and sometimes lewd messages sure to ignite and incite your passionate side! Come inside and look around.

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